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Who We Are

Professional educators who are experts with the college admissions process. Last minute development and enhancement with step-by-step guidance.

What We Do

Guide 11th grade students in the eleventh hour to develop and enhance their profile.

Why We Do It

We believe in helping our students become as well-rounded and competitive as possible while helping them select a university that is the best fit for them.

Our students' success is our

Meet Our Team

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Justin Lee

Founder of Premiere Prep Inc.

In 2010, he followed through on a challenge from his brother to share and deliver his vision of college preparation to high school students in a customized and effective manner. 

As the popularity of Premiere Prep grew, there was an apparent demand of students seeking guidance for the first time starting in 11th and 12th grade. As a result of this, Junior Scramble and Senior Procrastination Package ™ were created to best serve the needs of students and families. 

Inspired by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) and his book Deliver Happiness, Justin believed in creating a unique company culture with strong core values. 

Today, Premiere Prep is rated #1 in College Counseling for students in Newport Beach and Orange County. We are proud to have served some of the top students at over 50+ high schools in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.


Julie Kim

Lead Counselor (Newport Beach)

Julie holds her Masters in Education from University of Southern California and has been working in the Counseling field since 2010. She is experienced in the both the public and private sectors and has worked for the Irvine, Fullerton, Laguna Beach and Anaheim School Districts within the K-12 setting. 

In addition, Julie has extensive experience supporting both international and domestic students in the college counseling process while being a former Admissions Reader to the UC system.

Julie enjoys helping students discover various career pathways while guiding them towards achieving their academic goals.

Manhattan Beach & Additional Locations